Friday, April 24, 2015

Dallas 3d printer

Need 3d printing in Dallas, Texas.

 and get a quote within 24 hours with a turnaround of 48  hours.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Marfield, DFW printer

Marfield offers B2B Printing services, unparalleled in-house production capabilities, business card & stationery production for corporate America, graphic design services, foreign language and braille on business cards, custom greeting cards and invitations, thermography and engraved printing treatments, digital and offset printing, post cards and mailing services, printed forms, pdf forms, Brochures and marketing collateral, web-based ordering services, and corporate print-buyers source for quality printing.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Business cards and Corporate Brand Management

Keeping your brand true to corporate standard standards can be easy if you

1. have one source for business cards and other print collateral
2. have a printer who assigns you one rep who has a copy of your corporate brand specifications

Chaos results when each department can get their business cards done from diverse sources.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Friday, July 26, 2013

Digital vs Offset Printing

Q: What is the breaking point where it makes sense to do digital as opposed to offset?
A: Probably, anything a  thousand or less of most pieces is a good place for digital printing. Our digital printer can also do saddle stitched books, which is like a magazine—a multiple-paged magazine. You’re not going to want more than 250 or 300 of those digitally, usually.

Q: So, if it’s under a thousand I would pay less for the digital?
A: You would pay less for the digital printing, yes. So, the reason for that is, offset printing requires quite a bit of set-up. We have to mix paints, we have to hang plates, we have to load paper, and we have to pay somebody to do that. Digital printing does not require that much set-up. It’s a much more automated process. So, when you’re printing small quantities, you don’t have that set-up fee as a part of your total price. That makes a big difference.

Q: And so, if I were doing over a thousand, it will be less expensive? Or is it cheaper?
A: If you’re doing over a thousand, typically, there’s so many different scenarios here. For business cards, you can do more than a thousand business cards because you can fit so many of them on one sheet of paper when printing them. For most marketing materials, anything that’s over a thousand, it’s cheaper on offset price because we pay for the digital machine by click—so by per piece of paper that passes through and that number doesn’t change no matter how many we print. And that’s where we base out prices on. So, once you get up to these higher numbers, like a thousand or two thousand sides of paper, you’re actually saving on the offset price.

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